The Story of Tumbles and Grumbles by founder Caroline Davies- Paramedic and Mum.

I am Caroline. I have been a Paramedic for 14 years and a Mum for just over 3……the last 3 have been life changing. It was a combination of my 14 years working for the ambulance service and entering motherhood that helped open my eyes to the very real need and want for parents and carers to have basic knowledge of paediatric first aid skills.


In my role as a Paramedic I have experienced some amazing events, I have delivered 5 babies in the pre-hospital environment, conversely, I have seen some things that aren’t so lovely and unfortunately a proportion of these incidents have involved babies and children. As a parent It is these very real experiences that have provided me with both the knowledge and skills needed to treat my own little one in an emergency situation should one arise.


During my first months with our little girl I realised that not every Parent is as fortunate as me and that concerns over a little one injuring themselves or falling ill were very real dilemmas faced on a daily basis. Friends and Family members would often ask me to run through how to perform CPR or how to help a choking little one and I would gladly show them. I began to realise that this was a very real issue and that there was little out there specialising primarily in Parental First Aid. So, in May 2015 Tumbles and Grumbles was born. I developed a 3-hour course offering Parents, Grandparents and Carers the chance to come along and gain some knowledge and hands-on practical experience of how to help the little ones in their lives, if they should ever need to. The response has been fantastic and I am so proud to be offering this service

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